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YOSHI RMZ450(?) SM edition

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picture from the Tokyo motorshow 2005...

Wet -YOSHI- dream
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now that is nice where do you find these pics...
hhahhaha secret :D
It's official-I'm saving for that exhaust right now.
gregman_1 said:
It's official-I'm saving for that exhaust right now.
Me too!!! Been saving up for it for awhile. yoshi america please bring this to the states! Otherwise I'll just have to order it from Japan, I guess.
That's about $1050. worth of savings......too steep for me!
jonesti said:
That's about $1050. worth of savings......too steep for me!
likely to be too steep for me...I fold. I'll just DJ, 3x3, and punch the exhaust as prescribed by AND I'll save that $1050 for gas! Besides, it is tough to fathom that a moto exhaust would cost almost as much my full system for my sportbike. I am happy riding my 400sm and don't need an exhaust to improve my opinion. If it ain't broke don't fix it! Sometimes you just gotta ride the damn thing!!!
Nice but thats really expensive for an exhaust.
According to a local dealer, Yosh has an engine rebuild program. Send the engine to Yosh along with $2700 and it returns +50 cc larger, with new cams, piston, CDI, carb, and this exhaust. In the end, 50 HP at the rear wheel. So, if you toss in an extra $1650, it makes the initial grand worthwhile.
it is a Jap only pipe used only in japan. the sound laws in japan are 100X worse then in the US. it is basicly same pipe different end piece. there is a write up in it in Transworld mx mag a few months ago
You can't really use exchange rates to estimate the cost. All Yosh stuff cost close to what you see in the ad...but costs a bit less here. I dunno why either, as I travel to Japan all the time. They have stuff that we do not, but most of the stuff that we have here in the US is WAY expensive when I see it in Japan...
I did the yosh kit on my quad, it makes MORE then 50 at the wheels trust me. It is the most frantic thing I have ever been on...Quick and snappy, and it just loves to REV...

But its not just a punched out mill....They drop in a stroker crank, so if anyone were to do this have the shop put the flywheel on a lathe and take some off it..
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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