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back from vacation update.

so i'm back from vacation and i couldn't resist working on the bike the second i got home (after unpacking of course or renee would have had none of that).

this is where i was on vacation, btw..

silver lake sand dunes.
pretty awesome place. go there before you die ;) especially if you have access to something ORV.
sorry the pictures aren't of the best quality.
these were taken with the blackberry.
i haven't gone through the pics from the camera yet, there are too many on there!

there are dunes for miles!
they are between silver lake and lake michigan, in michigan.
those are pictures of the pedestrian area and there is also an ORV area.
in the ORV area you can take your truck, quad, sand rail, motorcycle, etc etc.
i rented a sand rail while i was there and took it out for 2 hours!
IT WAS A BLAST! ~40mph and no rules in sand = pissing the finance off.

back to the bike.
bark busters arrived in the mail.
they are made by Outlaw Racing, from - $34.95
the packaging had a thick build-up of dust, which leads me to leave they don't sell many of these. :hmmm:
aside from that though, the build quality was top notch and the fasters looked to be high-grade.
(for those wondering, a link is a page back to the site where these can be purchased from)

the clutch side was easy.
cut a hole in the end of the grip and mounted the buster up.

the brake side took a little more time.
i took the grip off and had to bore out the end of the throttle piece (the part that rotates, don't know the name of it) which wasn't hard, just took some time. it ended up being the same diameter as the inner part of the bars.
then, i had to file down the inside part of the bark buster facing the throttle to avoid any rubbing on both the throttle and the grip itself.
afterwards, i cut the grip and put it all together.
(i will have better pics of the throttle side modifications later)

the flexibility of these guards is awesome.
there are so many joints, you can mount it to fit any type of bar.

for the price, they couln't be beat!

i also took the bike for a ride, about 20 miles worth and it is AWESOME!!
a totally different bike from what i started with.
i was getting some gas and a couple of guys on some choppers rolled in and came over to ask me about it.
"cool, kid. is it faster than a scooter?" is what one of them asked.
i laughed behind my mx helmet and said, "yeah and i can almost pick up chicks on this."
i know a part of them was razzing me, but deep in their hearts they loved it. :bowdown:

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here are the additional pics, showing the throttle side more closely and how it turned out with the addition of the bark buster..

the grip end is a little hacked.. oh well.
throttle snaps back like stock, no worries there.

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the last time i had the airbox apart, there was some serious oil grime and slight pooling just under the inlet to the carb, under the breather hose from the cylinder head.

i suspect there is some blow-by traveling through the breather hose and making it way down the tube into the airbox.

plenty of my older VWs had this problem with the crankcase breather and would dirty the air filter on its way back to be recycled into the engine.
usually, i would vent the breather to some sort of catch can to keep an oily residue from builing up on the filter, throttle body, etc.

in my first attempt to fix this on the xt, i took a red bull can out of the recyclables and used a couple of zipties to "fab" a crude catch can for the xt.
the airbox "nipple" was covered with a rubber cap i had in a junk drawer. it slipped over perfectly and will keep any un-filtered air from entering the airbox.

in this pic, i've circled where the breather hose starts on the cylinder head and one where it connects to the airbox, behind the body panel.

here's the catch can.

i'll ride the bike tomorrow to check for any unpleasant fumes/smells from the breather being disconnected from the airbox and then check the can for any immediate build-up.


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YAY, a xt225 motard thread. I was so lonely here for so long! To bad all the pics are blocked here at work, so I'll have to check em out at home, can't wait.

my xt has blue anodized 17's, jet kit, pit posse big bar adapters, a renthal twin wall, top case. beyond that it's intentionally in sleeper stock style. I like it quiet and geeky looking for urban assaults. The bike is pretty capable, my greatest accomplishment was getting around a husky 510 at the local track.

Here's the site with plenty of pics of my xt.

yeah I actually recomend 18's for this bike for a few reasons. 1) you start grinding hard stuff pretty quick with 17's 2) cost 3) avon makes super venom's in 18's which are really sticky 4) makes gearing a lot easier

My update: I love this bike, mostly because I make most of my income from it! I've put about 10k hard hard miles on it. Most of it's miles are at low speed with beginners, lots of shifting without clutch, stalling, etc... It leaks a little but beyond that has been insanely reliable. I'm running 17/45 gearing, not sure what the eq would be with 18's. I'm actually going to go even taller to make 1st gear smoother for the rookies, I ordered a tw200 40t rear sprocket that i plan on shimming out since the xt sprocket is dished. best mod is of course the 17's followed by my geeky emgo top box, i love that thing!

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we've actually talked via e-mail a few times in the past regarding this conversion.

i saw your xt on 17"s on and thought it was pretty badass.

the conversion to 18"s has been pretty successful for me.
the kenda 761's i went with were a good option because i still ride dirt roads and wanted some tread for the loose stuff.

you push the xt a lot harder than i do anyway.
i don't drag knees like i've seen you do (in pics anyway).

maybe i'll buy the supervenoms one day.
you know of a good source?

*edit- where did you find a stainless brake line for your xt?

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I feel ya, I'm only 5'3 so I look normal on these small bikes, I just want to get used to riding taller seat heights for moving up.
i ride by buddy's wr250r and that thing is pretty damn tall.
managing the height isnt all that difficult while moving, but on and off in traffic it would be a pain in the ass for me.
i really want to get a wr250x. when and if i do, i will definitely have a yamalink on there.


ok, so i realize i'm no artist, but i had to take some more pics of the bike.
they're poor, i know, but at least the bike looks pretty good (for a serow anyway).

i went riding earlier and covered 50 miles.. really got a feel for the bike.

the handling of the bike on pavement has increased 10-fold.
the tires are new and i'm riding pretty mellow and they still have some stick.
if don't feel at risk leaning more, like i did with the cheng-shins.
it can only get better.

i was having so much fun riding, i didn't stop for any pictures out in the hood, just waited until i got home.

also, pegging the needle at 80mph is cake.
the stock gearing works well from 35-70mph.
1st is almost useless.
it brings the front end up pretty easy though.

now for pics..


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