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Ok, so I am starting this post to mark the beginning of my project motard!

here's what i'm starting with:

2001 Yamaha xt225

my goal is to provide progress pics of the transformation and an approximate cost so that others can do this as well since there's hardly anything out there on this bike..

up to this point i have done the following mods:

- modified exhaust, drilled hole through restricter plate
[~$12 for 29mm hole saw from Home Depot]

- installed 135main jet
[~$10 from Ebay]

- adjusted idle screw
[FREE, all you need is a screw driver]

- UNI filter
[~$20 from Ebay]

- Rental handlebars, Carmichael's (lighter, lets sweep)
[~$25 from Ebay, used]

- trimmed front fender 4"
[FREE, used tin snipes and a dry erase marker]

- rear tail light mod, moving signals more inward, towards fender
[FREE, disassembled rear signalsy, flipped brackets 180']

- removed tool kit, chain guard, front brake gaurd, rear handles, passenger pegs
[FREE, screw driver, 10mm socket and an allan wrench]

Cost so far: ~$67.00

the FUTURE mods:

- 18" front rim laced to stock from hub
[$180 rim from Yamaha, $12 tube]

- Buchanan stainless spokes
[$90 from]

- 110/80/18 front, 120/80/18 rear Kenda K761's
[$85 for the pair]

- TTR225 rear fender w/ WR450 tail light mod
[~$30 fender from Yamaha, ~$33 taillight from Yamaha]

- FMF powercore4 slip-on
[$125, used, from private seller]

Cost of 'future' mods: $555.00

i've already ordered the 'future' modifications.
just waiting for everything to make it's way here.

more pics to come tomorrow showing the mods already completed (the pic up there is dated).

thanks for checking it out. :thumbsup:

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a few items arrived today.

the tires came in and they are pretty sweet looking.
i can't wait to get them on..

spokes also arrived.
nothing fancy, but good job by the folks at Bucahanans.

here are some new pics are well to show the bike in its current state.

notice how the fender has been touched up a bit.
4" off the front and then reshaped by tracing the original tip.

turn signal mods.
i had to snip the stock fender to make them fit, but i'm sure the TTR fender will have no problems.
if it does, i have the tin snips in hand and will make it really clean.

i also forgot to mention in my original post that i did buy some bigger pegs.
[$40 off EBay if i remember correctly]

lastly, here are the Renthals.


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... If you want a replacement idea for the rear light look at a dr200 tailight.
Ride that shit like you stole it. Good pics and thanks for sharing.
i already ordered a TTR225 rear fender and a WR450 taillight assembly.
the TTR tail is A LOT nicer than the xt's stock and the WR taillight bolts on directly. seemed like a good choice.

nice project but i wouldnt call it motard.. maybe a better dual sport..
i'm doing the best i can with what i got.
this is my first street-legal bike and i hardly see dirt.
i figure i could change it over to something more street friendly and prep me for a drz in the future.

thanks for the responses guys.

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Neat little project. I don't know if I would have spent as much on it as you have, but if it makes you smile every time you ride it, it was worth it. You should get in touch with sdmotard on this forum, he has an XT on 17's. Keep us posted.
i figure, 'if i own and enjoy this bike for around 2 years, isn't it worth something in mods?'

yeah. that's what makes it cooler.

i come from modifying cars, volkswagens.
mostly corrados and 2.0l turbos, and mods like that are way expensive.

a bike and some light mods.
affordable right now in comparison.
i bought a new dub. no more mods there.

i'll have fun and then i'll buy something badder.

i think i've talked to sdmotard, brian if i remember correctly, over email.
he's a cool guy. i like the 17"s he went with.
but like i've read before, there's not enough travel in the suspension to take advantage of 17"s.

when i'm done, we'll see.

maybe i'm just a poser.

i thought it would be a graveyard if it said anything xt225.
this bike is weak stock. gotta mod it.

thanks for the interest. can't wait for the rest of the parts to come in.

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got off work at around 5:30pm, made my way home, got some beer, ate some dinner, called a buddy, DID WORK.

the ttr225 fender just didn't fit righ without modification.

<insert> basic hand tools, dremel, a friend and some beer.

in all honestly, we just b.s.'d about how it should look and went to work. pictures seem to describe it all.

what does everyone think?

use you imagination......

sorry for the ridiculous amount of pics, but i thought it was pretty sweet.

the ttr fender and the remaining stock fender will both be painted white and i was thinking about bondoing them together and making it really clean.

instead though, i'm just going to paint them and probably order was small fender bag to cover the spot where both fenders meet.

something like this:

i eventually might shorten the rear fender and cut off a ltitle extra, but i don't know yet.

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Looking good, that will be fun ride when you get done with it.
thanks. yeah, it will be a fun little bike.

here's the rear fender bag i went with.

measurements are 6"x4"x2" which is just about right for the space right behind my seat.

i think it will hid the hack job and i can carry some tools and my papers in it.

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after an awesome holiday weekend, i decided to set aside some time this evening to work on the xt.

rear fender was modified once again, slightly, for an overall better fit.
paint comes next.

i also removed the rear wheel, took off the old stock tire and cleaned it up for the Kenda.

the front wheel also came off, tire removed, wheel disassembled.

now, all that needs to be done is mount the Kendas, lace the front wheel.

sorry no pics, more to come later.

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a small update:

rear tire is mounted and my fender bag came in from and is also mounted.

it looks good, fits the void on my fender perfectly and has enough room to fit some tools and my papers.

i also wired up the wr450 headlight.
the way it comes stock, the connector is not compatible with the xt's wiring harness.
so, i simply cut the stock connectors off and soldered everything together.
a pretty simple fix really.

yesterday was a day off for me, but that's all i could manage to complete.

the project is getting near to completetion!

paint the fender and lace the wheel are the last two bits!

too bad i'm working 12 days in a row starting today at noon.


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no updates today guys.

but, i have some told news which is fun news.

i forgot to mention the weight of the stock exhaust vs. the FMF

stock xt exhaust: 6.2lbs
FMF pipe: 4.2lbs

the sum of the whole is where it's at.

2lbs there, some pounds from things i've taken off, lighter bars..
it adds up ya know. :thumbup:
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