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Yamaha calls it a Motard(yeah,on steroids)

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Looks like this Big single cylinder, is attacking Supermotard from the streetard side. The sidecover says "ROADSTAR MOTARD"
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Astroman said:
yah to buy a tricked out CRF450 in VIetnam you got to be millionere... :D

LOL funny you say that but if you have 200 bux you do have a million. Million Dongs that is. :rofl: ... I kid you not I had hell of a lot of dough when I was there.. :clap:
that could be sweet
ptvas said:
how's this?

that's CG(aka computer generated image), i remember this image was floating around the mags, this and another one version.

BTW the Lanza Superbiker i posted dated back in 1997... in 2002 already been bikes like the Yamaha drawing you posted... CCM 30 and KTM Duke for example so i wouldnt call it ahead of its time.

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21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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