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Yamaha calls it a Motard(yeah,on steroids)

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Looks like this Big single cylinder, is attacking Supermotard from the streetard side. The sidecover says "ROADSTAR MOTARD"
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looks cool if you were in a Japanese cartoon fightin' robots and all..
Don't know if your guys have been to any Asian countries but the roads are just jam packed from morning to night. And anything let's say larger than an XR650R would be just be just plain ole torture.. Sport bikes especially.. I wish I was on a motard rather than a Vespa when I was in Vietnam.. :D
(vacation, not tour of duty)
Astroman said:
yah to buy a tricked out CRF450 in VIetnam you got to be millionere... :D

LOL funny you say that but if you have 200 bux you do have a million. Million Dongs that is. :rofl: ... I kid you not I had hell of a lot of dough when I was there.. :clap:
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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