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Yamaha calls it a Motard(yeah,on steroids)

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Looks like this Big single cylinder, is attacking Supermotard from the streetard side. The sidecover says "ROADSTAR MOTARD"
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If it had a raised front fender with inverted forks, would that change anybody's thoughts? Or, is it simply the fact that a 400lb bike, should not be classified as a motard?
I'm with you, unfortunately a general motorcycle/motard chat section does not yet exist. It would be nice if all the people on here(as a group), had a place to just chat about bikes. I just found it odd that a concept bike like that,was labled as a motard.
Your right Gary, this should have went into the chat section. I just went into it,for the first time. I was thrown off by its description. I thought that had to do with anything other than, motard related stuff. Hopefully an Admin./moderator, will move it to that section. Thanks
The Suzuki B-king(Robo Cop), started it all. Talk about a badassed supercharged bike. Oddly enough, it never went into production.
Ok, I did find from my old magazines, a yamaha supermoto concept. Mind you,it's afew years old. Yet, in my opinion ahead of its time. The photo....soon. I'll take a picture of it tomorrow, hope it turns out good.
Cycle World July '02 page32
1 - 8 of 24 Posts
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