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i went the same way with mine, it actually comes out to 683cc

only difference is a stock low comp honda piston and stock cam... id say im at 36-40 hp at best, with full whitebro exhaust... upping your compression may net you into 40-42.. on the best day possible... i could be wrong but dont expect a monster gain in hp... but it will feel like a whole new animal...

the only thing hoggin out the pig did was make it punchy as hell, no more hp's with bigger setup... just gobs and gobs of torq... neck snapper up to 4th... makes for a great wheelie bike, but thats about it..

now the only worry is that gigantic heavy piston... is now even bigger... doubt its gonna last as long as stock... but its fun as hell once the rings broke in.... i was worried as it smoked for the first 200 miles...

best of luck, and remember to change the valve seals!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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