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XR650L tire/rim sizes

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Help! Newby to the sport. Have a '05 650L and cant pin down the exact size of rim/tire combo that will fit. Just too many options / opinions when I do a search. I'm going to have Eastcoast wheels make them, Excels - Talons and keep my stockers to ride dirt with my son.
Thanks y'all, I've seen some bitch'n bikes here! :thumbup:
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I use a 4.25 rear rim with a 150 and a 3.5 front rim with a 120. I had to remove the inside chain gaurd mount using my dremel tool to get the rear rim and tire in place without rubbing that gaurd.

It has been said that a 5 rear rim will work on the L, but I have not tried. I think you get into spacing the sproket so that the chain does not hit the tire with a 5 rear.

Hope this helps,
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