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XR650 Got my new SM wheels! Got a question?

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I just fitted my new wheels, the rear is a 17x4.25. The original XR Hub is offset. The new SM wheel is not, so the whole wheel doesn't center between the swingarm. It stays left but the sprocket and disk line up. Has anyone else seen this before?

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I have a feeling that you can do your own offset by basically loosening off all the nipples on the left side 1/2 a turn, and tightening all the ones on the right 1/2 a turn.

A friend of mine laced his own wheels a few weeks back, and ran into the same problem.

I'd go to your local shop and get the details of the local wheel lacer guy. There should be someone in your city all the shops use. Wouldn't cost much to get the things adjusted.

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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