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So found the problems to the motor which were the piston rings, gaskets, and valve seals. (Maybe all of them or just a couple) Ordered the parts from bike bandit and they are on their way! Hopefully the parts aren't on back order, unfortunately the site does not say........ I'm dying to ride this bike and enjoy every bit of it!

I'm going to be powder coating a few metal pieces on the bike "Sun Gold", if done in a subtle way it should come out looking beautiful, my only issue are plastics. (Currently have used and old 2001 plastics on an '86 frame)

Any one know if I can just buy newer plastics from a newer bike and place them on? Or is there a standard unit size for plastics or hole cuts that fit on mostly any model frame? Researched everywhere for this on the interwebs, but came up with nothing, gone to sites;put my bike model and no plastics come up.........HELP! :headscrat
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