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Xr100 Hop Up.looking For Suggestions

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I Am Wanting To Build A Xr100 To Use As A Supermoto Bike.i Have 17" Sun Rims On It And Am In Need Of Some Power Now.i See Alot Of Guys Using The 120 Kit But I'm Wanting Something A Little Faster.has Anyone Used The 145 Kit From Kitaco.any Other Ideas Would Be Great...thanks
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got gas?

BBR sells a 26mm carb kit that really wakes up the big fact I installed a similar setup on a buddies bike that had a stock motor (with BBR pipe)and got impressive results.the kit retails for $299 but you should be able to find it for around $250.00

if not send me a pm and i will hook you up with my supplier. :arsenal

a rev box and cam will help take advantage of the bigger carb.

for the record I would do the mods above with a little cyl head porting and a 120cc big bore before even considering the stroker kit

there is a replacement for displacement....its called RPM.
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