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I am putting together a street-only kit on my new-to-me 95 XR600R. I am a motor guy through and through, and do not claim to be an electrician. I believe I may have gotten myself in over my head this time.

I have a moose high output stator, a heavy duty AC regulator, and a 25 amp/100 volt rectifier. This stator has THREE outputs (like-stock 50 watt, and two 100 watt). The way I have it wired right now, the 50 watt and the two 100 watt outputs are wired together into the regulator, and thre is one wire to the rectifier from there. The other AC input on the rectifier is from the frame. Can I do this? In this configuration, will the AC inputs combine destructively or constructively?

My plan is for the entire system to be DC, so that I still have lights (headlight and all) if the bike dies. I have a battery already. I will be running a cyclops headlight, turn signals, led brake light, etc.

Thanks in advance everyone!

p.s. wiring diagram attached. Excuse the home-made nature of the diagram.

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