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Hey guys, just have some questions about swapping a XR600 crank into my XL600R. Obviously there is a 5mm difference in stroke but as far as I can tell the rods are exactly the same, as well as the cylinder jugs.

Can anybody tell me if the difference is actually in the crank, the head or the width of the piston crown to wrist pin?? Will I need a XR600 head, custom rod or piston ???

I'm kind of a newb to high performance engine building but here's is what I'm planning for my 84 XL600 Sumo based on a few months of trolling through every XR/XL forum:

102.4mm Wiseco piston
XR's Only Port/Polish + Big Fin Mod to OE Head
85 XR600 crank
85 XR600 crank balancer
83 XR500 Flywheel
Falicon Knife Edge XL/XR Rod (same part #)
MegaCycles XL/XR Full Race Cam (same part #)
MegaCycles XL/XR Hard Faced Rockers (same part #)
MegaCycles Valve guides, springs, shims, ect.. (same part #)
Xr's Only Exhaust/Intake Valves
New Timing Chain, tensioner and guides.
Custom High Flow oil line from pump to head
Sutton Cycles XR Oil Cooler
Air box removal. Add 2) 50mm Pod Filters
All new oil seals, head bolts and replace all bearings inside.
GB500 2nd and 5th gear

Any help would be awesome guys. Thanks!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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