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I have a 2006 SV650 (naked). It has been babied its entire life (9600+ miles), and is in perfect shape. No wheelies, burnouts, stoppies, any of that. The bike did fall when I was turning around in a cul-de-sac (under 10mph) with the new front tire on (damn grease pen marking!). The frame sliders did their job, and the only "damage" to speak of is a scuff the size of a pinky nail at the bottom of the front fork (clutch side).

I have a complete service history for the bike (600 mile service done at a dealer, all other services completed and documented by myself). As well as some extra maintenance parts (filters, etc).

I've done a few little cosmetic mods (mainly just making some of the stock silver parts black), and it has a Micron slip on. I also have sonic springs up front (.90, 20wt fork oil), and a 636 rear shock, and stainless front lines. Other than that it's bone stock. I also still have every stock part I've taken off, and there is a fresh set of Dunlop D208s on it. I love my SV, I just want to try something different.

Current pics (these were taken after the "crash" you can see the bike is completely fine):

Older pics:

I'm looking for a 2006+ DRZ 400SM. Either that or another street legal motard that is as reliable (or damn close). Let me know what you have, and we can talk about it.

Thanks for looking!


P.S. The bike is totally paid off, title in hand.

P.P.S Bike is in north-east Massachusetts
1 - 11 of 17 Posts
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