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looking for any great condition sumo, race or street... its also for sell outright if you want to buy

here the low-down on my bike

an immaculate 2007 fz6 with only 1600 miles (had its 600 mile dealer checkup a short while back). i have put countless hours into this bike, making it unique as they come...

in the short time i have owned the fazer, i have kept it spotless after every ride, as with all my bikes, i cherish cleanliness. neither am i an aggressive rider, this bike has never been abused...

list of mods include

-KMP k3 handmade fiberglass headlamp (utilizing a 01 gsxr1k light housing), this cost me an arm and a leg to import, about $875 was spent on this lamp after import, paint and fitting. everything is in place as it should be, the speedo sits tucked behind the fairing, almost as if the bike was produced from the factory with this style.

-Leo vince carbon fiber evo exhaust slip-ons: put on at 500 miles, they are practically brand new, with the quiet inserts in, they are near stock sound with a but more "RUUUMMM" down low.

-rizoma accessories: include race style bar ends. new style bar end mirrors, track style led signals with front billet fork mounts. again, very expensive, yet super high quality parts. well worth the money.

-rumble sports FE kit, keeps legal plate light, and allows stock type and aftermarket signals, while hiding all metal parts. the license plate looks like its floating on the rear of the bike.

-Pazzo racing shorty levers in gold

-scorpio full coverage alarm system with 1 mile range fm remote. includes tilt and proximity sensor, which can all be monitored and activated from up to a mile away with a compact key fob controller. this system will alert you anywhere, anytime! never worry about this beauty being stolen!

-t-rex sliders

-tank slappers

this bike has thousands into it, and combined with the immaculate condition, you will feel you bought a brand new bike! and one no-one else owns!

ASKING $6000 (kbb list $5900 for this bike, stock in my bikes condition and miles, add on the $2500 worth of parts. and your talking $8400 or more...)

i live in trafford, about 10 minutes from pittsburgh, anybody is welcome to come or make a meeting time to see it.

my cell is 412-316-6252

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