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wr426 suspension

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hey i know these questions have probably been asked before,
but i was wondering if any one out there could explain the difference
between motocross, and supermoto suspension settings to me:rebound,
and compression, front, and back? i'm new to the site, so please be kind.
thank you. oh ya i'm running 17's.
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In a nutshell.....

Personally, I don't think you need the full 12" or so of travel from a MX bike, so SuMo bikes get lowered a little. You're not doing stadium triples on it. The MX suspension is setup to handle small bumps, ripples if you will, with ease, then progressively stiffen the further up the travel it gets.

The SuMo suspension is setup to more closely resemble a roadrace setting, with the ability to land a jump without knocking your teeth out. It is basically stiffened, with new rates of comp. and rebound installed. I think the rate of suspension travel is more linear with SuMo, more progressive with MX.
thank you for response

so, what you are saying is revalve, and shim stacks changed?
do you think it is possible to have a suspension reworked for both?
i prefer front stiff any way. i'm just afraid if rear rebound is to much
the rear will meet the front in the air, and my head will meet the ground first.
i thought about moving the nitrogen up in the rear shock, and changing from
5w to 10w in the forks.
who would be your recommendation for suspension work?
thank you again for your response. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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