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wr250x pc5 v mapping

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OK, picked up an 09 wrx, fmf header, Q4, k&n, removed ais, exup, flapper mod, and power commander 5

so, what baseline map would you recommend, anyone wanna share a custom map?

I apologize if this was disscussed, seen alot of pc3 but i need help

ran base map *** 011 seemed to lose top end.. any suggestions
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seems like a expensive option compared to sharing a map
yeah, but only if you can find someone whos done dyno time and lives around the same climate and altitude, and had the exact same mods.

the AT will make a map on the fly, when the weather changes, or when you do the next mod. we all know these bikes are never finished... and weather is contantly changing

dyno work here is over 100$/hr. and if you make a map in summer, it will be off in winter. so 2, 1.5hr dyno sessions would pay for it. and youll never need a dyno to dial it in.
Yea i was trying to save cash for now. Thanks though guess ill need to hustle some more pizza
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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