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I have a handbrake setup that was made by full throttle inc. Here is his site with the exact specifications:

The difference I am offering is my kit includes a hand brake master cylinder and has the 636 caliper fully cleaned and in perfect operation. (the one he sent had congealed brake fluid and was a mess) He is asking $380 for his so with my radial clutch mounted ZX-14 master cylinder (0ver $250 new) I figured an extra $20 was a good deal =D

I am not trying to under cut Bill at full throttle just wanted to make the comparison why my setup is a good deal in my opinion.

If interested, pm me on here, email me at [email protected], or call or text Brandon at 425-923-3317.

If you are anywhere in the US I will split the shipping cost with you.

Thank you for looking.

Here are the pics of what I have:

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