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WR250F Trail Tech Vapor HELP!

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So I've finally got my bike back from the shop (took long enough) and it runs fine now. When I bought it, the previous owner halfway installed a Trail Tech Vapor system with a Warness wiring Harness. He got the speedo set up but never did the tach. I don't know if it is a matter of hooking up one wire or installing the whole coil sensor completely. The bike is an electronic mess with random wires and connections everywhere! :wasntme:
I could use some help
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Goto trailtechs website, they have the installation instructions there. There is more then one way to do it.
The wire for the tach usually get wrapped around the sparkplug wire. Run the wire as direct as possible to the plug wire and wrap the tach wire around it as many times as possible, tight to it and close together. start close to the coil and wrap toward the sparkplug. I then wrap the whole thing tightly with electrical tape to keep everything tight. You can wrap the tach wire before the coil also, start on the CDI side and wrap toward the coil. It is supposed to be more quick responsive this way but I haven't tried it myself.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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