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Im looking to get a street legal dirt bike so i can go on off road and still ride on the street legally.
I thought on the wr450 and the exc450, looking for 2017-2019

My main rides are going to be on the streets and a bit on the highway, but i will go offroad from time to time, like a 70% streets and 30% offroad

My question is which bike is more reliable and how is the maintence going? As i heard the WR is 1000km oil change and the EXC is 15 hours, which is pretty much the same for street use IMO.
Does the maintence intervals will stay the same for these bikes whether i will ride on the street or offroad?

My main concern is the maintence and i dont want to change the oil after every ride or rebuild the engine every week, of curse i will service the bike as needed and wont let the engine exploed on me, i just need to know which one of those 2 are more reliable street wise and how does the maintence going to work in that case.

I do want to get a supermoto set to the bike in the future and swap it to need, as long as i dont go offroad.

Thanks to everybody!
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