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i currently have a k7 suzuki drz 400 sm,,

about 2 weeks ago i was out on a ride with a few of my mates an i was bein a cocky lil c**t an tried powerslider on a fast corner,,,
as u would have guessed it didnt quiet go to plan as i cliped the curb an got flipped head first into a lampost,, lol

i have now recoverd from injusries and now need to focus on fixing my bike,,
i have done evrythinkl appart from replaced the front wheel

i cant find a set of drz 400 sm wheels anyware becuause of the speedo fitting the drz has on the front wheel

i noticed that xr400 sm wheels have the same speedo,, does any know if the will fir straight on to my drz,, or has any 1 got a set on there drz?
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