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Wicked Video

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This makes me want to sell my 07 gixxer 750 more and more.Been lurking here for a while now,here is my first video post I found while surfing for info.Im pretty sure it wouldn't be a repost considering its not an english link.Don't get bored to wuick after they get out of the traffic at slower speeds they lay some sweet black streaks on the twisties....

enjoy!!!!!!! :thumbup::thumbup::clap::bike:
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Ha ha, that's twice this week alone. :D
god damn!!!
just gotta buy a sumo now!!!
yea this video is posted every week... I wish i had roads like that around here

we could make a new one
this has been reposted to death!!!

but i dont care, its killer
yeah, i don't even have to put in my favorites since its on everyday as a new post

but question is, what bike is he on, looks like a ktm but i can't tell
These boys are about as talented as they are bright.

Nothing wrong with the riding, but wear some gear for the love of God. :headscrat
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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