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Why the Honda supermoto will only be sold in Europe

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It's made in Spain....
from the press release:

The new FMX650 is a dual sport model featuring an air-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder, 650cc engine and super motard styling. With fun motoring as its design concept, the FMX650 is equally at home in the city or out on the highway. Starting in spring 2005, the FMX650 will be released in a wide range of European markets. The FMX650 is manufactured by Honda affiliate Montesa Honda S.A. of Spain, and annual European sales are projected to reach 7,000 units.
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Honda wisely calls it a 'dual sport', more like euro city bike.

Even still, it should be water cooled for more power...

I have been without car for about 7 years.
Live in Philly and used to walk to work, now I ride my BMW R11S to work everyday! When the snow and ice do me in, I can take the train....


Astroman said:
How many of you have a motorcycle as the main way of transportation..?And no car?
The BMW has never left me stranded, but there are some issues with the oil head design.

The big issue is oil consumption. The engines are known for this, and mine is within spec, but sometimes it uses so much that it feels like I am riding a 2stroke!

2nd, the final drive seal leaks. Had it repaired under warranty umpteen times but they probably just filled it with oil...eventually I am going to do it myself the right way.

3rd, not crazy about the plastic build quality, and almost all of the fasteners are blackened steel - not stainless, you would think with a BMW that they would spend the extra $50, but no....

What I like, is the fairing - I have Wudo screen on, with raised bars, and I love the locking saddlebags, this makes going to work a pleasure - did I also mention that in my city you can pull up on alley street sidewalks and park for free?! Take that cagers!

BTW BMW has a new generation boxer engine out now, and the final drive is supposedly sealed for life. I am waiting to see what the new S model will look like...

Jolly705 said:
Pretty impressive, I always tell myself I don't need a car but I just can't part with it. So how do you like the BMW for an everyday bike?
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