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Why the Honda supermoto will only be sold in Europe

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It's made in Spain....
from the press release:

The new FMX650 is a dual sport model featuring an air-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder, 650cc engine and super motard styling. With fun motoring as its design concept, the FMX650 is equally at home in the city or out on the highway. Starting in spring 2005, the FMX650 will be released in a wide range of European markets. The FMX650 is manufactured by Honda affiliate Montesa Honda S.A. of Spain, and annual European sales are projected to reach 7,000 units.
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apples and oranges. like keith said, it's not called a supermoto. if you want reliability and comfort and don't care about performance get the honda. its a bitchin bike, just not a supermoto. think of it as a klr with 17's, comfy city bike. if you want go-fast (like us) get a ktm/husky. you wouldn't want to tour europe on a husky 450, but i'd take that honda all over the damm place (just not to the track).

it's a heavy piece of shit for a supermoto, it's a nice all around scoot though...wouldn't trade my wr, or xr for it
Astroman said:
How many of you have a motorcycle as the main way of transportation..?And no car?
my wr400 is my commuter/track bike in one. when i go to races i pack tools, sprockets, and tape, and RIDE to a buddies house who has a truck.

THATS why you'll never see me knocking big heavy realiable motards...

Damm track queens :infrandom :twofinger
1 - 2 of 40 Posts
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