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That sucks.

I had to pull off the track the other week due to brake issues. I had made an adjustment that took the free play set screw in too far and blocked the return port. As a result when the fluid heated and expanded it could return to the res.. causing more rotor skim... more heat and more expansion. Lucky for me I noticed it in the straight where the bike felt like it was loosing power and got off. If I'd made it to a braking area it could well have locked.

I did have a rear lock up years back when a pad hung and was skimming the rotor, superheating things. Lucky for me I didn't touch the rear brake until I was off the road and almost stopped. Soon as the pads made that additional bit of contact it locked and shortly there after blew the steel line from the banjo end at the caliper.

So anything causing the pads to skim too much?
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