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wheel lacing

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Hope there is someone who can help i have taken the front hub of to have it painted thinking it cant be that hard to relace it has a ten mil offset.I took the spokes out took all the pictures now when i put the spokes in they will marry up on one side but not on the other or vice versa
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you're not gonna get nearly the exposure you should in this forum bud. I think the best place is the general chat
i've built up lots of wheels - sumo and mountainbike (that's where it started)
if it came apart it'll go together again (i'm sure you worked that out!)
i don't know that the front spokes are different lengths on either side, but just lay out all the spokes and check. you'll want the longer ones on the side of the hub that the rim is farther away from
to rebuild check out sheldon brown's website, and find the wheelbuilding section. it's for bicycles but the principles are the same. the husky wheels are 2 cross lacing i think (that'll make more sense once you've read a bit of the wheelbuilding guide)
take a few pics if you get stuck and i'll try to help out
thanks for the replies i have now found the problem i had bought a asian rim and huskys use a euro rim :hmmm:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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