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Whats Your Supermoto Injury?

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I highsided (no relation to Harry) kinda got flinged in the air ECW style. Never saw it coming. One moment oh yeah, the next oh no! Slide, slide slide, catch, fling! Needless to say I got two bad hands right now and won't be doing any curls. Hows yours? Healing ok?
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My last one was more of just an aggrevation of a previous injury. It was actually my second crash of that day (actually, my 2nd crash within 30 mins)...I hit a rut (pretty much a pothole) while transitioning left-to-right in a tight chicane and got some crazy headshake which threwme to the ground pretty hard. I bruised up my hand adn elbow pretty badly, but the worst part was that I had broken a rib about a week or so before that, so that REALLY hurt. It re-fractured my rib, and pretty much put an end to any breathing I had planned on doing for the rest of the day. :lol:
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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