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Whats Your Supermoto Injury?

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I highsided (no relation to Harry) kinda got flinged in the air ECW style. Never saw it coming. One moment oh yeah, the next oh no! Slide, slide slide, catch, fling! Needless to say I got two bad hands right now and won't be doing any curls. Hows yours? Healing ok?
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Well I just got into riding anything motorized on two wheels, all I have right now is a scooter...I plan to get into supermoto once I save up enough money from my job. But Yup, for the whole 6 months I have been riding this scooter I have already laid it down. I bought it used, 200 bucks to see If I liked motorcycles before I bought anything expensive. So this thing is a "piece" 21 years old. Well I had done some work on it and got the front brakes working rear brakes didn't work because the rear brake cable is discontinued for some reason. Didn't have new tires on it at the time I had old bald tires on it. Well I went to the gas station on it to get a snack and it looked like it might rain so I decided that I could make it before it started raining....Well I didn't Got caught out in the rain with just front brakes and bald tires. Locked the front at a stop sign and down she went. I was going slow tho So I only got some nasty looking road rash.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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