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Whats Your Supermoto Injury?

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I highsided (no relation to Harry) kinda got flinged in the air ECW style. Never saw it coming. One moment oh yeah, the next oh no! Slide, slide slide, catch, fling! Needless to say I got two bad hands right now and won't be doing any curls. Hows yours? Healing ok?
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<Knocking on wood> So far I've just busted up a few fingers, and got lot's of cuts, bruises, and rash from Supermoto.

But my most spectacular CRASH! was during a practice day at Grange as well.

After railing through turn two and on towards three, I stayed hard on the gas trying to deepen my entry point. Then in one swift motion, I transitioned my weight, reached for the front brake, and put some counter-steer into the bars...

But the bars, quite easily went to full lock?!? WHAT THE...

I didn't realize that I had been floating the front wheel down the short straight before turn three. Then the wheel touched down.

Unfortuantely the bars were at full lock, and I was on the brakes (Damn muscle memory)

I distinctly remember seeing the front numberplate of my bike right in front of my face... upside down. Then looking up (which was down) and seeing the ground rushing by at a good clip. "tuck and roll, tuck and roll" I kept thinking... Then "When the hell am I gonna land?!?" I knew my meeting with the ground was inevitable, so I closed my eyes and waited for impact.

<WHAM!> Perfect head first landing, in the traditional Lawn Dart position. "Look at the stars"

I remember getting to my feet and some guy pulling up and asking if I was alright. All I could do, almost out of instinct was give him two thumbs up. But I was looped.

Probably another concussion, I've had plenty... I know the drill.

A few people saw me flying through the air, unfortuantely the wife had put away the video camera (DAMN IT)


~CRASH!~ (There's always next time)
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