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What's the deal with this 660 SMC?

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Went by the local shop and saw this, the first time I've seen one. It was sweet! A few questions:

How does it differ from the 640 SM? A bit more cc's I assume, but is the bodywork different or the same. I noticed the 660 has a tail light but is there a hookup for a headlight? I realize it's a competition bike as well but if I can hook up a headlight I can do many things with it? I forgot to check if it had an electric start. What else is the difference between the two?

I think I'm in love!
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I remember a couple years back when KTM released their "built" supermoto...just a little after the Husqvarna NOX was out. Looked just like the one above, with a single exhaust. It was a 70-80hp beast as well, carbon everything...but the price tag was close to 18-20 grand. Hate to tip that over. Somehow I'm thinking these that we drool over are not the 6k version.

Also, the dealers I talked to at the time, while they didn't have them in stock, seemed willing to order up one from the factory if I were so inclined. Send an email to KTMs USA (I think Temecula) office. I bet they will get back to you if your serious.

Last thought...If someone was driven in that direction, I'd say buy a used KTM with tags, then order up one of those tasty crate motors and drop it in.
Michelangelo said:
From what I read on a discussion of a different page, most of the 660s that had been dynoed were making only mid to high 50's. I dont' know what this talk of 80hp is about but I'm more inclined to believe actually experience on the dynos as opposed to wishful thinking.
The 70-80hp number is only for their factory special built bike (and most likely that number was at the crank), and I doubt there are many if any paid for the pleasure too, as I mentioned, the bike was close to 18-$20,000. I'll see if I can find the old story/link on it.

The stock, more affordable, 660s I've seen advertised over the pond have always seemed to have been listed with about 60hp.
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