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What's the deal with this 660 SMC?

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Went by the local shop and saw this, the first time I've seen one. It was sweet! A few questions:

How does it differ from the 640 SM? A bit more cc's I assume, but is the bodywork different or the same. I noticed the 660 has a tail light but is there a hookup for a headlight? I realize it's a competition bike as well but if I can hook up a headlight I can do many things with it? I forgot to check if it had an electric start. What else is the difference between the two?

I think I'm in love!
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Oh yeah, the 660 is a real beast. I heard that a dealer in Cali bought 3 of them from KTM and then resold them. One ended up on Ebay and sold for 8500. It is supossedly 80+hp and very light :thumbup: . I have a line on one right now so don't be surprised to see one in my garage very soon :Funny:

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The 660 is based off the LC4 motor but is really built up. They are no lie 80+hp motors. They have tons of carbon fiber and aluminum/titanium parts which really drops some weight. This one is hands down the best looking 660 I have seen with the dual Akrapovics :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
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Yeah there is a few versions of the 660. The one you guys are talking about is the 660smc which is the street legal version they sell in Europe. The race 660's are the 660sms and 660smr. I believe the sms has a single pipe and the smr has the duals and a little more hp :bowdown:
Man you guys are killing me :lol: . Okay let me explain it. The first picture I posted is a a 660sms with dyno proven 82hp at the rear wheel from the dealer in Cali I talked to. The second picture is a 660smr that is Thierry Van den Bosch's factory race bike that is all tricked out with every part imaginable. It is more like 85hp. I'll see if I can find the dyno run of them. The one you guys are thinking about is the street legal 660smc which has all the emmissions crap on it and is very detuned compared to the race motors. They make about 60hp on the dyno. Ok, check this out HERE This is a factory 525 motor made into a 610 that makes 73hp. That is a difference from about 53hp stock to 73hp modified. Now take the 660 motor which is 60hp stock and add 20hp to it :bowdown:
Here is the ad that was attached to the bike when they were selling it

Scott Russell's Factory KTM Supermotard. This is the real deal. Sold as a new bike (dealer demo) we are offering the bike ridden by Scott Russell. It is a KTM 660 SMS factory bike. Don't mistake this for a LC4 625 or 640, as they share almost nothing in common. This has the Factory 660 motor rated at 82 h.p. 115 K.g. Titanium Akropovic exhaust, full factory works WP suspension (nitrated forks, four way adjustable shock etc.). It has a factory frame with eccentric shock mount and is a wet sump motor so the overflow hoses are plumbed into the frame and drain in to what would be the oil filter on a normal LC4, Brembo GP master cylinder, Brembo billet gold series brakes, Carbon fiber every where, (radiator/tank shields, carbon side panels, carbon rear fender, carbon air box, even has carbon seat pan). As I mentioned at the beginning this is the real deal and never offered to the general public in the U.S. before.
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