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What's the deal with this 660 SMC?

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Went by the local shop and saw this, the first time I've seen one. It was sweet! A few questions:

How does it differ from the 640 SM? A bit more cc's I assume, but is the bodywork different or the same. I noticed the 660 has a tail light but is there a hookup for a headlight? I realize it's a competition bike as well but if I can hook up a headlight I can do many things with it? I forgot to check if it had an electric start. What else is the difference between the two?

I think I'm in love!
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Say what? So you're saying the 660 SMC is a figment of my imagination or what? I was searching online and found specs for this bike, it even had the headlights and signals!!

How could they have it there at the shop if they weren't supposed to have them? It's even for sale!
So then other than displacement and the lack of lights, why is it better than the LC 4, especially the one you have posted right there. It's a good looking bike!

It was no lie, the 660 was sitting there in the flesh. I sat on it and thought it was the trickets bike ever!! Wow, is it that much better than the 640/625s? Powerwise, I have a hard time believing 80 HP. I might try to get it for a ride. It looks as though it's a demo as the tires are a little worn.

I'm located in Las Cruces, NM. The guy said about $6000.
Was it my imagination or was the 660 shorter than the 640/625? Is there a diff in seat and suspension heights on the LC4/s depending on wether they're the dual or the sm's?
From what I read on a discussion of a different page, most of the 660s that had been dynoed were making only mid to high 50's. I dont' know what this talk of 80hp is about but I'm more inclined to believe actually experience on the dynos as opposed to wishful thinking.
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