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What's the deal with this 660 SMC?

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Went by the local shop and saw this, the first time I've seen one. It was sweet! A few questions:

How does it differ from the 640 SM? A bit more cc's I assume, but is the bodywork different or the same. I noticed the 660 has a tail light but is there a hookup for a headlight? I realize it's a competition bike as well but if I can hook up a headlight I can do many things with it? I forgot to check if it had an electric start. What else is the difference between the two?

I think I'm in love!
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We in the states don't get any of the LC4's this year and only got the 625 last year. KTM marketing department -> :2hard
Michelangelo said:
Say what? So you're saying the 660 SMC is a figment of my imagination or what? I was searching online and found specs for this bike, it even had the headlights and signals!!

How could they have it there at the shop if they weren't supposed to have them? It's even for sale!
Dude, chill! :hammer: I have never heard that they were ever available in the US, this includes no one with one on any of the supermoto boards,, and statements from my KTM dealer that they aren't available. Check, they specifically state that the 640's and 660's are not for USA distribution. Furthermore, you don't list your location, so I was assuming you were not in the US and I was just venting that they were not available here.

Now, I suggest you go snatch it up. The 625SMC's last year were in short supply, so you could get an outrageous amount for a 660. Unless of course the dealer knows what he has and jacked the price up already.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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