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what would you do ....

ok .. i bought an 02 crf 450 a while back that has a street legal title. when i bought it the guy told me he just had the engine rebuilt and with about 5 hours on it something came loose inside the engine and got stuck between the primary gear and kick gear. that busted the case where the kick shaft comes out. i have the parts to fix the 450 BUT... i also have access to a cr 500 engine. i originally bought the bike to do the 500 conversion and street it. i know all about the work involved in doing the swap and am not worried about that at all. now .. im thinking i may try this super motard thing out. start out in the sportsman class and see if i like then go all out with 17's bigger breaks etc .... sooo ... with all of that said, what would u do... fix the 450 engine and run that ... or go cr 500 ??? and why ?? thanks guys,scott

oh ... and yes i know the power and hit of a cr 500. i have ridden plenty of the big jug bikes.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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