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What is this plug for (625 SMC)???

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Had the headlight shell off recently and noticed that I have this electrical plug that isn't connected to anything.

Do any of you know what it is for?

Any chance this could be the reason why I can't get my trip meter and other features to work?

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Might be for the optional handlebar switch. What is wrong with your trip function. I think I remember you saying you couldnt`t get the trip function to work. What happens when you push the o button? It should scroll through the different functions that you have activated ex clock, hr, trip, odo etc. To set a function to be displayed you have to hold the o button down while you are on the hour display. The active functions should then be displayed now use the + and - to activate and deactivate functions. then press and hold the o button to save the settings. Sorry if I am telling you something you already know.
I havn't taken apart the cluster on my bike yet, but on my honda 600rr, there was a piece of plastic that the button pushed down on which pushed down on the switch on the circuit board. On that bike the plastic slipped out (wheelies) and had to be put back in place before the button would work. Maybe?
That connector does not plug into anything. AFAIR.

I just checked mine, it is the same way. I have full function of the console and it only has the grey and white wires connected.

The console has an internal battery. Like a watch battery. I suspect yours needs replacing. :thumbup:

That plug is for the optional tripmaster switch that mounts on the left handlebar. The switch is an extension of the three buttons on the computer.
Thanks for all the responses guys. I'll look into the battery. The speedo, odo, and hour meter all work... just not anything else.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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