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what do you guys think?

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i have a 09 drzsm that i bought new in 09. i got the full warranty that still has 4 years left. my problem is i want to upgrade the motor, but that will void the warranty. i know the drz motor is solid, so im not too worried about needing the warranty. but as with any bike, there is the possibility of something going wrong.

to add to this dilema, if i were to take my bike to the dealer, i know they would have it for at least a month, and they are not very good at fixing things anyway.

so do i just follow through with my need for more power, or just stop with the fcr???:headscrat
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You can't really say that a dealership wouldn't honor the warranty. You have to remember that they're in it to make money, and no one from any Suzuki cooperate office is going to come down and inspect the bike to make sure it is within warranty policies. However, if you purchased a warranty that is provide by the dealership itself, that's a different story.
when i blew my motor a guy from suzuki did come down and looked at my motor. i would say only do things they cant see from the outside, cams, e base gasket and such. if something did happened and you have athena stamped into the side of your cylinder do you think suzuki is going to cover that. no way dude. just keep it a sleeper.:thumbup:

oh and it took six months to get fixed.
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