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What bike does an ex bike dragracer get?

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Hi from Australia, guys,
For the last couple of weeks I have been surfing from site to site looking to find my next ride, like a madman possessed I jump from KTM to Husky to Husaberg then the process repeats it’s self…..over and over again.
My current bike is a Kawasaki ZX-12R, heavily modified, stretched and lowered, 100HP progressive NOS kit. I ride it to work, on weekends and I dragrace it.
I come from a dirt riding background a long time ago with a YZ465 being my last dirt bike and I currently weigh about 240 pound and am about 5’ 10” tall.
I’m looking for a bike with shitloads of power and bugger all weight that I can use in the bush and ride on the road. I will probably pick up a set of street wheels/tyres at the same time.
I need a bigger fuel tank and a rack or be able to fit them, pilnion pegs would be good too.
I have a short list of bikes that I can afford:
1999-2002 KTM 640 LC4 Enduro (no 625 here)
1999-2002 Husqvarna TE610E
1999-2002 Husaberg FE650
Obviously, each one of these bikes is the best if you go to their respective sites, but I’m keen to have some feedback from you guys, I will probably end up turning it into a project bike as I have done with all the others so I am looking for something special.
I can work on bikes so maintenance is not a big deal but neverless reliability is.
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My buddy got a KTM 660, and absolutely loves it. It's a street bike, and since he got it, he doesn't even ride his Mille anymore. He also put some slicks on it, and rode a track day with us at the kart track. It was fun watching him climb over top of it to keep the front down. I say that's a good choice. :thumbup:
:welcome: I'd do the Husky
Thanks guys, bit confused about the KTM's, what is a 660?
That company sure has a funny way of dealing with numbers....
That super duke looks great but out of my league.
Starting to lean towards the Husky, don't know why, guess I have always wanted the legend.
Get a man-bike.

You'd have to pay for the shipping though :hmmm:
I'm also in OZ
If your looking for a new bike Have a look at all the warrantys. I bought a smr 450 and in Australia they've got a 2 year warranty! (I don't know how they do this) I will be modifying mine any way but it's something to consider.
Where abouts are you from?
Hi Flash, i'm in Sydney West.
Unfortunatly don't have the funds for a new bike.........
I guess i'm a bit nieve as I don't expect things to break, however reading some reports on the husabergs i'm not to sure.

Anyway, I tend to modify my bikes way too much for anyone to even consider a warranty claim.
This bike will also be turbo-ed or NOS-ed or something stupid, for sure.

Dirty, had another look at the xr650r, but it could be a bit old school, not sure but it could be a runner

How do the current 500ishCC bikes compare to the XR650R, KTMLC4 and the Husky FE610E in terms of grunt when a biger guy is on them?
I guess the is no contest in the handling department.

A couple of pics of my old mini-motos for your pleasure!
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RichieB said:
Maybe a Super Duke?

That's not superduke..this is the Supermoto Superduke 950 is a different bike and looks like this.

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Talking about turbo's If you go to
you can see what my plans are!!
The 450's are more race orientated but I use mine everyday and have'nt had any probs.
Also are those options on the mini motos!
Flash, they are options on the mini motos but they cost by the hour!
Will talk further on your turbo thread.
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