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Wanted: 05' 06' KTM 625

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Hello, I am located in the southern ILL area and I am looking to purchas a 05' 06' Ktm 625. And I am very willing to drive a good distance to get one, but within reason. Also I have the funds and im ready to buy as soon as possible...

Please help me find one soon the money is burning a hole in my pocket !!!

Thanks, Lance
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I just saw this one on ebay.....if it was closer to me in TX then I'd have already got it! It doesn't say what state it's in, but it says "EASELY" and when you google for the City of Easley, it looks like it's most likely South Carolina......probably a 12 hour drive or so for you.......just trying to help! I've got money burning a hole in my pocket as well, and the only one I've found in my area the guy wants $6K for and it's got 10K miles on it.........
If you think its hard to find one on the mainland, try finding one in Hawaii. I just found one last friday night and bought it saturday. Heres two in my home town of Minnesota that i know of
Good luck with the shopping.
Found one thanks for the info..
Is it the "Right" one ? I've got one... It's gunna cost ya though. ...and ya gotta get to CA to pick it up. Akros/CF Guards (Fork and Skid), Corbin seat, Acerbis hand guards. 1200 miles. I'm gunna sell the XR650R CA plated as well. It's one or the other I think. ...or maybe neither if I don't get what I want for them. There's still room for more scoots in the garage.
yea its the right one picked it up today and its the best ride ive had so far... love it...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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