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Veypor update

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For those keeping tabs I purchased a Veypor and hooked it up. Before I did a really tidy job of integrating the Veypor's wiring, I fired up my bike. The tach worked and the speedo worked. Or so I thought.

After I'd really wired the Veypor in I realized the tach only worked up to 2500 rpm. A few phone calls later and I installed shielding on the Veypor's wire where it gets its rpm signal off of the coil. Afterward, the tach worked up to 2600 rpm before dropping out.

A few phone calls later and I realized that the guy I've been talking to is the software guy, not the hardware guy. The software guy works as something of a go-between because the hardware guy who is the owner is apparently never around. Anyway, it was suggested that I start messing with the Veypor's RC filter that is inline on the Veypor's coil sensing wire.

Okay. I soldered in another 10k surface resistor over the existing 10k resistor effectively making a 5k resistor in the RC filter. This was done because it was hoped this would make the tach work.

Now my tach works up to 3200 rpm but not up to redline.

Phone calls after phone calls and the owner, the guy who designed the hardware, seemingly doesn't want to talk on the phone because he never makes himself available but is content with emails.

Emails are aggrevating. I'd rather talk on the phone.

Anyway, the latest suggestion is that I "upgrade" or whatever to a different Veypor with the hopes that the newly designed Veypor with less features would work. I'd be willing to do that but I don't know why the new Veypor would work when in good faith I purchased the existing Veypor expecting it to work and it didn't because the "old" Veypor wasn't properly tested (or so I think).


1) I feel sorry for the software guy. Nobody should have to run interference for their boss.

2) It is pretty obvious that nobody has ever really tested the coil input of the Veypor on single cylinder bikes. There is nothing different about how Husky wires up their coils and there is nothing special about Husky's coil. In other words: Husky wires up their coil like everybody else does. If the Veypor doesn't work on the Husky then it will not work on anybody elses coil either.

3) I think the Veypor can be made to work but unfortunately I do not have the electrical design knowledge to do so on my own.

4) I'd be willing to continue working with Veypor if the owner, Nathan, would call me so we could have a geek talk session and not the go-between shot in the dark stuff we're doing right now. The email deal is shortening my patience.
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I just found out that Nathan, the owner is on vacation. Groan.
Nathan got back and we talked. The new plan is to yank out the RC filter altogether.

I did so and my tach is showing at least up to 5,000 rpm. I didn't ride my bike to really test because it is cold and raining but I'm hopeful.
I'll call Nathan and fill him in on the latest result, but either my Husky redlines around 5500-6000 rpm or the 5x rpm multiplier that Cory, the software guy at Veypor, said should work after I asked if 5x was correct is in error and it should be 6x.

Anyway, the solution seems to be to yank out the RC filter and toss it into the weeds. the Veypor records up to around 8,000-8,500 ish before dropping out with the rpm multiplier set on 6x.

Nathan tells me that they also have a new version of the Veypor that looks just like the old version but has a more sensative rpm input. From my talk with Nathan, it turns out all the two stroke guys have been having the same problem and Nathan was gone testing out the new product in a working vacation of sorts or something (or so I've gathered).

Personally I think the Veypor is working acceptably but now I'm wondering if we can't just use the Veypor's computer tach out to the coil (the yellow wire that would go to the bike's ECU tach out if we had one coming out from our Huskys ECU) since we're working with a low voltage issue anyway. I'll ask Nathan if he wants me to try it or if I've basically made the wire that is designed to go to the coil in the first place into the tach out wire by removing the RC filter (I'm thinking that internally both of these leads share the same circuit). Anyway Nathan told me he'd replace my Veypor if I fried it tinkering

Hope this makes sense to anybody other than Vrecksler.

The bottom line as it sits right now: Wire in your Veypor as per your instruction but open up the black box and remove the RC filter that is inline on the white wire and solder the two ends of the white wire together and you should be good to go.
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The latest update:

Nathan, the owner, is sending me his latest and greatest Veypor. He was going to send me an entire unit for free but I told him just to send the Veypor board and I'll stick it into the case I've already modified.

Nathan tells me that the latest design of the Veypor, apart from some more features, should address the tach dropping out at 8000-8500 rpm.

Since it is a no-brainer to swap boards, I should have an update soon both for Nathan and you guys here on the forum as soon as I receive the new board.

Customer Service wise, things are going well now that I'm past the communication problems I had experienced.
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