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There will always be one or two idiots out there who think they are the next Valentino Rossi. The best thing is to just figure out who they are and stay away from them on the track. Eventually they do themselves in or figure out they are nowhere near as fast as they think they are and so they go home and sulk.

I got taken out a few years ago by some fool who figured he was racing in the World Championship rather than a small club race. A friend recently got taken out by a clown who figured that an SV had no business being in front of a 250 GP bike. Buddy t-boned my friend, breaking his collar bone and then blamed my buddy for the crash. Nice!

If you have a bunch of friends in the club and there are a number of witnesses, have everyone file complaints against the guy and get him thrown out of the club or at least back to novice which is where he sounds like he should really be. No club will tolerate reckless or dangerous riding.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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