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Hi Folks.
I live down South West CO.
And Road Attack its not being as fun as it used to be. Cops already know my Orange Bike with Street Wheels, as they call it.. so basically i have to ride private road's and hide there.
If the area where i live was populated with more then 2k ppl. maybe i could get away with it. but its getting to HOT in here..

So my Question is.. Where and when... and how much...
Im 25yo, Got a KTM 525xc and i have never Race on a track before..
all I've done is street ridding (no chicken stripes) :thumbup:
What Cat will i end up in????

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Hello and welcome.

More information on the Where and When can be found here.

As far as the can race in Beginner or Novice to get your feet wet. Remember that if you decide on Beginner, you can't race any other classes, if you do, you're bumped out of beginner. You can do Novice, Open and Asphalt.

I'm sure some others will chime in soon as well!
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