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Ultramotard 2005 calendar

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Hallo, sorry for my bad english. I signal to you this link:

for free downloads Ultramotard 2005 calendar. It's cool!! :thumbup:

By, by

Lucky (from Italy)
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Really cool! Thanks! :clap:
Grande Lucky !

ci si becca anche qui!

W l'international...

Hurricane (ItalianMotarder)
there some great photos, you guys have the best sites shame i cant read italian :headscrat
ItalianMotarder said:
W l'international...
supermotard all over the word!! Yeah!!!! :thumbup:
pretty soon we will have an INTERNATIONAL section on our ULTRAMOTARD.COM site, yall guys stay tuned...

They always have the cool stuff over there.
Some of that need to come to the states...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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