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Tyre sizing

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About to toss some 17s on my KTM 250 XCF.

3.50 on the front, 4.25 on the rear.

Leaning towards 110/130. Anyone ran this set up on this bike?

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Was I talking to you on fb about this? Also what is the tire hights? If you are the guy from fb I thought the rear rim was a 5in?
Not sure. Pinged my tyre rep. All good
Never heard of 110/130 size. I run 16.5x3.5 front and 17x5 rims on my 250xcf with front size 125/75/16.5 and rear size 165/55/17. Once I have time I need to set up my other wheels and slap them on, same front size but rear will be 5.5 width.


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Thanks for your response. Biggest concern was front end feel and chain slap. If you’re running that size rear, then I may just go with the standard 120/150. Used to run 110/130 or 40 on endurance bike. Probably overthinking it as no plans to race, just use on local kart track
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