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tri-state motards

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Hey guys if you are in the ky, oh, area around the tristate hit me up for some rides soon, me and a few others are looking to get with other motards and ride together, my email is [email protected] , email me for more info and my number and we will meet soon and have a ride, we are trying to get a tristate area thing going, hit me up asap.:bannana:
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Dude My CRM Is about done..!!! WE WILL RIDE
I'm in! Hit me up at [email protected] or PM me here at the forum. I'm heading out into the wilds of WV tomorrow (Sunday - 26 June) if the weather is decent.
BTW - it was great to meet fellow riders Brad and Mike at Charlies Bike Night yesterday.
Any good practice areas?

Looking for a good area where street riding skills can be practiced without creating unwanted attention. If you know of one or have a favorite place where we can all meet at - let me know.
I'll truck mine out if the ride looks epic enough.
If 120 miles (round trip) of switchbacks, "street corner" 90's, decreasing radius turns, constant braking/acceleration, little traffic (and even fewer LE), roller coaster elevation changes, the occasional challenge of just trying to hit the posted speed limit, and warning signs that are serious fits the definition of epic - I know a ride that may interest you.
Umm yeah... that sounds epic. :hmmm:
Zipcode for meeting place so I can get a general idea of the drive out?
The Zip Code for the actual meet/start point for that ride is 25705.
285 mi, 4 hours 35 mins from me. What dates were you guys looking at? Surprised more people arent interested. Looks like a really insane area based on google maps. Damn...
Wild wv

:bannana: There are all kinds of awesome roads down here..
Practice area scouting results:
The industrial park at South Point looked very interesting! Lots of curvy asphalt - a few of the corners will need to be swept off for safety. I'm not sure what the local LE would think of us being there on the weekends though. I'll head back there this weekend to see how much traffic is around there and if there are any other hazards - I'll post up the results.
Industrial parks are the way to go. I have three close by and there is tons of shit to play on. With the economy being so hit there are vacant buildings everywhere too.
285 mi, 4 hours 35 mins from me. What dates were you guys looking at? Surprised more people arent interested. Looks like a really insane area based on google maps. Damn...
Since almost all the roads are like that around here - we don't get fired up over riding them (we're enthusiastically apathetic). Seriously though - it's a fun and challenging ride that I do almost every weekend going down to the family farm for R & R (weather permitting). We can hit a little pizza/sandwich place in the world-famous town of Crum and prepare for the return trip or if there is several of us - cook out at our farms picnic area and rest up there. You can also explore the river, walk the trails and hills, and explore the abandoned railroad tunnels while we're there.

FYI - you won't see any sport-bikes (no room for all their top-end) or cruisers (way too many tight corners for their weight) on the ride - just the occasional helmet-less ATV rider.

There are two caveats: Even though there is little traffic, don't go anywhere near the center line in any corner or curve (as the cagers are constantly crossing it). Go in way deep on the outside and flick it in - the typical arcing race line will put you in harms way.
The second is: Pass the cager in front of you as soon as you can do so safely - if you wait for a passing zone in the twisties you'll be waiting a very long time.

So all in all - it makes for a pretty good day. If anyone would like to try it - hit me up. If you'd like to see some pictures of the destination - I can e-mail them to you.
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Sounds like a real good time. What about an overnight extravaganza?
Sounds like a real good time. What about an overnight extravaganza?
There's some options and benefits for that. If the rally point is in Huntington - that option provides hotels/restaurants and a shorter drive in. Meet up, ride out, take a break, ride back. Then maybe hit some of the local roads or that industrial park

The next option from Huntington is meet up, ride out, overnight camping at the farm, then ride back in the following day.

Another option is rallying at the farm, ride out, take a break, ride back and camp/cook out (or hitting the little pizza place I mentioned). That would be an hours drive from Huntington but would offer additional ride, exploration, or relaxation time.

It's just a matter of personal preference and each persons available time.
Again.. how am I the only tri state ass who wants to ride?? This could be a summer blowout. Where are all the junkiees?
Its either the enthusiastic apathy or nap time. That's why I don't wait around for everyone - I just ask then go.
Did you all ever meet up? I'd be interested in meeting up and riding with you guys... There are no tards over here in Indiana...:headshake
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