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Trailer stolen-does Brinks lock have warranty?

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I went to pick up my 4x8 trailer I had cable locked to a metal post on the side of my friend's house the past 2 weeks. I needed to use it to bring my dirtbike back from Idaho this weekend as I'm headed there tomorrow. (I'm in northern UT). Anyhow, to my shock the trailer is gone!!!! All that is left is a clipped and twisted Brinks security lock, a pretty good one. It was one of their 3/4 cable locks. I'm waiting to do the PD report right now.

A friend suggested that Brinks has a $1000 claim warranty if someone is able to break their lock and steal anything from you. I cannot find their site online anywhere, other than homesecurity Brinks anyway. Can anyone help give me some direction to some Brinks info that could help?
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