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To Everyone That Has A Dealership

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I am currently looking to expand my AMSOIL business. I would like to sign up dealers that are involved in SUPERMOTO and MINI MOTO. I currently sponsor the SUPERMOTO CLASS.
Also I am going to be the American distributer for a motorcycle co. that builds mini motards, mini road racers and the big SM bikes, also after market SM goodies. I am looking for dealers that are interested in selling the bikes and aftermarket products. If you are interested or would like more info about the bikes and aftermarket products and AMSOIL please contact me at: CELL (864) 787-8717 HOME (864) 292-5236 or email me at [email protected]

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Hey, You must be an a#%h*&^, this not an Amway deal. If you dont know what the hell you are talking about, keep your mouth shut! You just make yourself look like an idiot. I am a business man, and Im looking to expand my business.
YOU CANNOT DEAL WITH AMSOIL DIRECTLY, IF U WANT THE PRODUCT, U HAVE TO DEAL WITH A DEALER. Why do you have to be such a D*&^%, if you have a problem with me and my products why dont you contact me directly! There is no need for this back and forth on this website. And if you knew anything about AMSOIL you would jump on it, and since you dont, why dont you do the research yourself.
No fighting, I just cant stand people whobad mouth, and dont have a clue!
Just for what you just said SuperRetard, your name is totaly correct :FU:
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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