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Tire wobble

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Just mounted a pair of Chengshin 90/90 on my stock 1.4 x 10 rims.

I am getting quit a bit of tire wobble. It seems that the tires don't want to sit even all the way around the bead.

any advise?
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Can you actually see that it has not set correctly on the bead?

If you increase the pressure and bounce the tire a little you may just do the trick of getting the tire to budge into position.
They have set themselves into the bead ok but they are uneven around the bead.
There is a raised rubber line about 3 or 4 mm's all the way around the bead circle.

On one side of the tire its 5 mm from the edge of the rim and on the other side it'a about 2 mm's.

This is causing the tire to have a (up and down) warp when you spin it on the bike.

I have tried to centre the tire on the rim but I can't get it perfect.
This happens to me just about every time i change out tires on the little wheels. Most of the time i can let the air back out and try to re-center the tube inside the tire. It gets a little off center when you're spooning it on. Otherwise you can get the tire as perfectly centered as you can with NO air in it, and then snug up a tie-down around the circumference of the tire to hold it straight. SLOWLY add air while taking tension off the tie-down until it seats all the way.

Other than that, :hmmm:
Thats what I would do, and have done!
Thanks . I'll try the tie down idea :thumbup:
I had this same problem trying to put Dunlop TT91's on my SIKK bike. The rear (10 inch) went on with no probs, but the front (12 inch) only completely beaded up on about 60-70% of the rim on each side. I took the wheel down to ZOOM's and had their wheel guy take a look and they just told me it's a reaccuring issue with the chinese wheels. The manager guy told me that the best solution he had had was to actually chuck the wheel up on a lathe and turn the shoulder down a bit and then polish the transition up. Having been a machinist for years, and still having friends in the trade, I went down to one of their shops and borrowed some lathe time and did just that. I took about .020-.030 of of the shoulder dia. and when I went to bead up the tire again, it beaded 100% on one side and about 80% on the other, so I am going to take it back and take another .020-.030 off and that should do it.

A lot of work, but I think it will be worth it when done. I would rather do the tedious task of truing and machining the wheels and have a perfect seated wheel then risk an off balanced, wobbley wheel in a race.

I will post some pics of the process when I do the second round.
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lube lube lube. i always mount my tires with A LITTLE air in the tube (just enuff to give the tube shape) this helps to keep the tube in the tire correctly and way from the side of the tire you are mounting(by machine or hand). and dont get in a hurry, it sucks to get done just to find out that you pinched your tube.
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