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If you are planning on racing either of those classes that you listed you will definitely need slicks. If you are going to run DOT tires enter the beginner class and go with the 208s. Run your pressures at about 24 psi. Keep in mind that you will have a tough time getting these tires hot enough to provide a proper level of grip plus the compounds are designed for the street not for the track so be careful.

I highly recommend that you run slicks. For max tire life go with the Dunlop slick soft front medium rear compounds, for optimum grip run the supersoft front and soft rear. You can always wait until you get to the races to decide to switch to slicks. Stop by Mammoth Motorsports we will have the tire machine and plenty of supermoto slicks with us.

To pass tech you will need to saftey wire any single bolt that has fluid behind it(oil plug, fill plug, dipstick, radiator cap. Install axle, peg and bar end sliders, and a catch can for all fluid overflow(carbs, coolant, breather). I also suggest putting RTV silicon on all hose clamps and any inspection cover that cannot be saftey wired.

Good luck
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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