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they are all good.
question is-
how good are you?
not meant as a personal jab.
if your fast enough to run in the top 5 then it may be an issue.
if your midpack or so then any of them are more than adequate.

in no particular-

Vee Rubber

all in "GP125" sizes 95 front 115/120 rear

prices vary- the Dunlop and Bridgestone are about the same price- 250+ for a set
the Vee's are about half that
the Michelins are nos- and 200 dollars shipped from MotoRace the last time i looked.

i've used them all and i am not fast enough to say one is better than another,

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All the minis in my area are running 120/60-17 Michelin supermoto fronts. Same tire front and back.

Im not sure if the smaller 110 front will work better or not but I only carry the SM specific tire for these guys and they are way happy with it. We've got a few kids that are super fast out here.

Be carefull of Michelin "GP" tires in the sizes listed above. Those tires havent been imported by Michelin in a few years so they may have been sitting around for a while and thats why they may be so cheep.

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i run the Michelins on my 17's and they are fine. NOS means New Old Stock. IE: they are new tires but are a few years old. i'm on my second year and countless sets with no issies. Motorace on E-bay is a good place 4 them 200 bux a set shipped.
for my 12" wheels i have used both the Dunlops and the V-Rubbers. the 1st gen V's did not hold up well to my 150R and pace. i run top 3 in F5 and Fx and ride a lot. the next gen are better and i will be trying a set of medium compound this weekend. the Dunlops are solid and i can get them for 200 a set. i don't feel they stick as well as the V's but to date are more durable.
air pressure is critical. check it every time u ride. these are not set it and forget it items. i start at 18psi and look for a 2-3 psi increase once warm. this is in mid 70's to 80's we have had so far in Wisco.
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