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Thoughts on my new Husky 510

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Well, after some seat time I have come to my opening argument for my new 05 Husky 510. The one thing I find myself saying more often than not is, "I thought it would be faster." Perhaps I have just under-rated my old DRZ. I would have to say that the bike that I rode in Italy had a whole lot more hit to the power. Whe I jumped on that thing and ripped it up the straight I couldn't keep the front wheel down, and that was all the way through fourth gear. My current bike doesn't seem to have that same unbridalled hit of power. I seriously think I was faster on my DRZ. That is on the local Boundary Bay track wich does not favour high speeds. On the up side, the thing really does stop like all hell. I need to do some research on how to tap into the power on this thing, because it seriously isn't at it's fullest potential. For example: I hit the straight away at Boundary Bay in third gear as we turned out from the bus-stop, I was following Silver on her 450, there was no way I could put a wheel on her. Much credit to Holly, she is kicking ass out there, and I was deep in throtle, I didn't have anymore. My point is, that it almost felt as though she was even pulling away slightly. This same thing happened with another friend on thier Honda 450. I do believe, if the straight was longer and I had a chance to use that 6th gear, I would pull most any of those 450s. But on a straight that you shift from 3rd to 4th, there was no way I could get any advantage over the 450s. Perhaps I will start looking into the pipe options. But Silver doesn't have any pipe or mods on her 450, but she is about 60lbs less body mass than myself. In favour of he Husky, it does seem to come out of the turns with much more agression than the DRZ. Another one of the guys that I always mix it up with left me deep in his wake. On my DRZ I would leave him like a bad habbit, now I can't even hang. I do contribute some of this to my orientation to my new bike but still... My final conclusion is, I like the bike but I am disapointed in the pulling power at higher speeds. If anyone has any knowledge on how I can get the power out of this thing... please let me know... in the mean time I think I will take it to a Dyno to see what it is doing. Stay tuned for more observations...
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Even if the bike had 80hp I'd want more top end but as it is my 510 power wheelies (as in just rolling on the gas no bumping the throttle) is first and second with a 16 tooth front sprocket.

The bike feels like its getting 50-55 hp to the rear wheel.

Dan of MotoXotica suggesxts no preload on the accelerator pump and a smaller than stock pilot jet.
Gasman said:
Thanks Guys,
Bri, I did mention the double header in one of my previous posts. I'm not really that bummed about it more disapointed right now, but I know it will get better.
YoungBlood, Thanks that sounds like a good idea, seeing as I am not a carb tuning wiz. And I guess I have been lucky with my new bikes, they have all ran pretty good off the top.
bdmmotard, we are both running the stock gearing, 15,42.
Eric, I will be taking my bike to the dyno soon, maybe tomorrow. I am sure that I will not be getting anything close to 55hp. I would venture to guess more like 45-48, if I'm lucky
Umberto, I like that Akro system

At the Kart track here in Vancouver, they have a lap timer with transponders they will lend us. I think I might bring both bikes out next time and see just how I do on a bunch of hot laps on both bikes. :hmmm:
Something doesn't sound right. I've riden the SM450R that does make 45-48hp (depending on the dyno and light of day) and the 510, although feeling like is revs a tad slower, is definately making more power.

I liken it to something like my old KX500. Compared to riding the 250s of the day, it didn't feel like the engine was doing too much. And while you thought the engine wasn't doing too much, the rear wheel was going bannanas while the engine made 60hp.
SMR said:
Your bike is stock yes? 50 sounds just fine stock to my ears. Get a new exhaust, it'll change the bike a great deal I bet. Also, try some new tires too. If yours are the same as the 450s then they have to be slowing you down. Hard, greasy, unflexible pieces of poo.
Why does everybody not in the North pick on Dunlop? Granted, the stock 207s aren't the greatest tire available but they tack up well, slide predictably and sort of wear well. As far as being hard, I dunno mate, I noticed a couple of days ago that my rear tire had started melting a tad from my hooning around corners in the street and that surprized me since I'm not really pushing on the street, just riding around. :headscrat
Chrome-CRF said:
Wow, I have never seen a motard fall off that bad on over rev
Stock the can limits the bike to 92 Db at (whatever). Anyway, I strongly suspect the major drop is due to being plugged up in the rear. I'm looking at opening up my stock can this week and seeing what can be done.
Gasman said:
Unfortunately I didn't get any Air Fuel read out with my Dyno.

I have been reading some mixed reviews with the pipe stuff. Some guys are saying they actually lost power after piping these things, and other claim to get a small gain. I am looking at the Arrow pipes though, at least that is what Seel is running on their factor ride.

Could that Dyno read-out be from the operator cutting the throtle at redline. I know as soon as the bike hit 6.5 RPM, the guy was chopping the throtle. It's not like he was holding it open through the rev limitter.
Other dyno sheets I've seen show the 510 making a nose-dive after peak power but those have all been with the stock pipe. Akropovic has dyno sheet posted on their Euro web site but they aren't showing any of the '05 510s yet.

Anyway, today I thought I'd drill out some rivets and see what can be done with the stock pipe's guts.
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